How to build an indoor Iguana cage



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How to build an indoor Iguana cage

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Who are we? was formed to help Iguana owners and keepers of all ages build and make their own cages including how to build an indoor Iguana cage. Reptile-Cage-Plans was originally conceived to help reptile owners build their own snake and reptile cages. Iguana cages was added after negotiation with an Iguana cage building expert.

These Outdoor and Indoor Iguana Cage Plans are the result of many years testing and building iguana cages. The author has kept Iguanas for many years. His plans are the result of many years of working out How to build an indoor Iguana cage, thendesigning and building Iguana cages for Iguana owners. The author's cages are recomended and recognised by Iguana experts and owners from around the world.

As someone who always had an interest in keeping reptiles but did not start keeping them until later in life, I was often put off by the cost of enclosures, lack of knowledge and a sense of "where do I start?".

It wasn't until a friend of mine showed me how to set up a snake cage that would be suitable to house reptiles that I finally took up my interest in reptile (lizards and snakes) keeping. His cages were not too attractive and quite spartan. Nonetheless he had successfully bred and reared many reptiles over the years.

I wanted to be able to make my own custom cages and also be able to improve on the snake enclosures he had, as well as build a comfortable and secure environment for the reptiles in my care.

I decided to write the book “How to Build Enclosures for Reptiles” after looking around the web and not finding much snake keeping cage info in the one place.

Sure, there were some plans here and there but there were no real step by step plans to build your own reptile cage. Some were missing the details, some were quite good but we decided that snake enclosure plans and reptile cage plans were basically in short supply.

I built my first cage after much procrastination and quite a few mistakes. I improved on this for my next and decided that I could help others build their own reptile enclosures.

Having set up the original site, I found there was a need for cages for large lizards as these were not really applicable to the original book. After researching this I found someone who made Iguana cages and so after negotiation I was able to use his plans to develop an eBook on “Plans for Building an Iguana Cage”. These cage plans could even be adapted for large snakes such as Burmese or African Rock pythons.

“Plans for Building an Iguana Cage” is the result of many hours of work and preparation. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I have collating and creating the eBooks for you.

Please note that the "Plans for Building an Iguana Cage" material is published and distributed by permission from the original author and details may be found on the eBook.


Mark Chapple